gary-and-ann-branessMany have asked me why I would leave Bayer CropScience to start my own pest management consulting business.  The one word answer is - Adventure!  This is simply the next step in a life filled with amazing adventures.  And while each adventure has brought excitement and reward, none of it would have been possible had it not been for my wife and best friend, Ann.

Ann had no idea when we married that she would be in for such a wild ride, but she has been by my side since the beginning.  She willingly made the move with our four young children to West Lafayette, IN so that I could chase my dream of attending graduate school at Purdue University.  We left family and friends behind, sold a new home, and left the family pest management business.  I should add that it took years to regain the status of favorite son-in-law with Ann’s mother.

I’m especially proud of my long association with the pest management industry.  I don’t have to tell you – we have great people in this industry!  My father, a very humble man, operated a small pest management business in Minnesota and always put his customers first.  Many of his clients were with him for over 30 years.  I was fortunate to work with my father and other family members in the business for seven years.   My brother, Gordy continues to operate the family business.

In addition to my father’s positive influence, I’ve been blessed to have many mentors during my career.  Dr. Gary Bennett, my major professor at Purdue University provided unlimited opportunities as I completed graduate studies in urban and industrial entomology.  While at Purdue, I became acquainted with many leaders in the pest management industry.  Friendships with legends like Drs. John Osman, Austin Frishman, Bobby Corrigan and too many others to mention shaped my career. 

The next adventure brought our family to CA where I accepted a field research and development position with Bayer CropScience.  This led to a 21 year career with Bayer in which I held various positions in research and product development.   During that time, I worked with many outstanding individuals within Bayer and the greater pest management industry.  Initially, Ben Oller, a Bayer sales rep in CA, took me under his wing and instilled in me the importance of a good sense of humor and to enjoy ones work. 

This brings me back to the latest adventure.  With my many years of experience, I’d like to give back to the industry that I love.  As the YES man, I intend to work in areas where I have the most interest and expertise and where I can have the greatest impact on the pest management  industry. 

Thanks for visiting the YES man website.  For details on a career filled with adventures, go to the YES man resume.  Click Family and Adventures to see my fabulous family.  Hope to see you down the road...